Wednesday, July 2


Afternoon! Or evening/morning. You know the idea.

Contrary to what this blog may suggest, I am by no means a jet setter. That being said, a week after returning from Venice I did then whizz off to Egypt for a week with my family.

When we first arrived it was sunset.

We ran inside for dinner before it finished before heading off towards our rooms. Ours had a view of a little football pitch (a nice reminder every day that England was way out of the world cup).

We had a day of meetings and hanging around the next day, and then day three was spent having a good mooch around the pool and working out where the beach was.

Most of the time we spent the day waiting until we could eat again at dinner. You work up an appetite doing nothing all day. Dinner also gave us a chance to work on our modelling skills.

Sorry, hold on, this one is more like it:

Much better.

It wasn't an action packed couple of days, but that was all to come. Stay tuned!


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