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With the knowledge that I have a fair few more travel posts upcoming, I thought now might be a good time for a brief baking intermission.

This time last year I visited a great little farm shop cafe. It was baking hot and I'd been outside in the countryside all morning. On the way home, a little old English barn popped out from the fields, with big shiny letters proclaiming 'tea room'.

Inside, there must have been around ten homemade little cakes and things and an afternoon tea menu. I picked chocolate tangerine cake and have been waiting for a chance to recreate it ever since :)

My recipe was adapted from a staple lemon drizzle that I like to make, and I used clementines in the place of tangerines as I couldn't find any. It was really easy to make and disappeared in my house pretty much the moment I released it to the masses for consumption.

Here's how to make it:

> Preheat the oven to 180 degrees, or between gas mark 4 and five and line a cake tin however you prefer.

> Mix together the eggs, flour, butter and sugar in a bowl with the zest of the clementines. I used three but you could well use upwards of this if you like a stronger flavour.

> Stick in the oven for 35 minutes (checking if it's still wobbly about 30 minutes into cooking and adjusting to suit your oven).

> In the meantime, make the drizzle by mixing your icing sugar with the juice from your clementines. After they were zested, mine were pretty mushy so if yours are the same and you have a food processor it might be easier just to blitz them into a puree rather than make a mess having them squash around in your hands (like I did).

> When your cake is done, take it out the over and poke with a skewer all over. Pour your drizzle over the top while it's still warm and allow to cool.

> When cool, melt your dark chocolate however you prefer and pour on the top. Give it a good smoosh around for the authentic jaffa cake look, or otherwise drizzle however you want.

I added some peel to the top of mine to make it look pretty but it's up to you from here. All that's left to do is eat it :)


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