Saturday, June 28


I'm back with day three of my Venice diaries! Sorry for the delay, but I was in Egypt (more to come on that later).

On the thursday, we decided to head outside the city walls towards some of the smaller surrounding islands.

After a late start, we set off for Burano on a swelteringly hot €18 water taxi.

We quickly arrived at Venice's former lace capital, Burano.

Immediately, it's hard not to be struck by the technicolour dreaminess of the island. If any of you are familiar with CBBC's excellent Balamory then you'll understand why I spent the day looking for Archie (the inventor), and why Sam kept asking 'what's the story'. If you're not familiar, it doesn't matter. It's still the kind of place where you want to burst into song.

Originally, the colourful houses were said to a be shortcut for local sailors to find their way home quickly in the dark. As their boats modernised and gained new fangled lights, the colours stopped being a necessity but the tradition of spangling houses stayed on :)

The island wasn't that big, and so we hadn't been walking long before we spotted a few places for lunch.

We stopped off at the Pizzeria Trattoria Leon Coronato, a great little place that you can find on trip advisor.

After filling up on a great Pizza Vegeteriana, we set off to finish exploring the island.

Having rinsed the little island of its resources, we stopped off for an ice cream (grapefruit and watermelon for me, strawberry and banana for Sam).

We climbed back onto the water taxi and headed home.

Fortunately, when we arrived back there was a special tour guide to show us the way back (in case we had forgotten).

After a quick refresh, we jumped on a gondola for a spin around the canals.

By this point, we knew our way around pretty well, but it was good to have a local point out some hotspots. For instance, the house below belonged to Pavarotti and we also spotted a few buildings owned by Silvio Berlusconi.

However, with rides costing around €90 for 45 minutes, we didn't hang around for too long before jumping off for dinner back in San Stefano's.

As the sun went down, we chilled out on one of Gelateria Paolin's outside tables with another few scoops of ice cream and a coffee.

Staying out as long as we could, we watched the world go by for a bit before returning home for our last night's sleep in Venice.


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