Tuesday, June 17


On the wednesday, we woke up bright and early for breakfast with the intention of having a good explore.

Our lovely hostess Valentina was up every morning making croissants and fussing around making coffees and toast. After being filled up with various breakfast goodies, we headed west to explore the Dorsoduro.

As we walked through Venice, the weather was more than accommodating; the streets looked beautiful and vibrant (although we were both a bit singed around the edges by the end).

Everywhere around the city are little jetties where gondolas can pull up to whisk you away on a tour. At 80-100€ a trip, we decided to save it for another day when it was a bit cooler, and carried on our quest for some culture.

That bridge above turned out to be a little Venetian ripoff of the Parisian lover's bridge where people leave padlocks with little love notes doodled on.

Being without a padlock, we took a commemorative photo instead. Cheers to the nice Australian man who took fifteen picture of us because I didn't understand where my camera had saved the photos. Much appreciated.

After this, we headed towards Chiesa di San Pantaleone Martire, because I didn't want to leave Venice without seeing at least one painted ceiling. Luckily, I had a good tour guide.

We passed by the St Maria of Salute Basilica for a spell before carrying on our way through the Dorsoduro to San Pantelon.

Along the way we found the BEST pizza. I wish I had looked at the street name because I pretty much want to move in. Generally speaking, most of the food we encountered was amazing, but the street food in Venice is definitely something to look forward to.

We finally arrived in San Pantelon, where unfortunately there were no pictures allowed inside the church. Fortunately, you can google it so there's always the chance to look back. Needless to say, it was something to see.

After this, we were at a loose end for the rest of the evening so headed to our new favourite place in Venice: the Piazza San Stefano. If you're ever in Venice, the Gelateria San Stefano is not to be missed. There's nothing quite like a scoop of mango ice cream after a ludicrously hot day.

We then headed into a ristorante for dinner. It wasn't the best one in the square (we would say the little yellow place near the gondola dock was the best), but it hit the spot and didn't break the bank. The portions were definitely rather model-esque though.

We then headed towards the main canal for a bit, knowing that not much happens in Venice after 5pm until about 11 and so we had some time to kill. We dibsed a jetty for ourselves and chilled out overlooking the Rialto with some cans of coke and fanta.

From Instagram (R.I.P. Sunglasses, now living at the bottom of the canal)

If you fancy an evening overlooking a Venetian canal, by all means click below. 

Having passed a good view hours doing nothing, we headed off towards San Marco's again for a good long mooch.

After all this wandering we headed home feeling full up, worn out, and cooked through.



  1. i just love italy and venice looks so beautiful. i have only been to southern italy which is so stunning. i loved being there.


  2. I just discovered your blog - simply love it and the simplicity of the theme, will you please tell me where you got your layout
    Have a lovely day and keep up the blogging
    Lots of love from The Netherlands

    1. Thank you! Sorry to say that I didn't get my theme from anywhere, I made it myself by editing a default blogger theme. Have a lovely day yourself :)

  3. Your photos are so magical! I so desperately want to go even more now:)

    //teandtwosugars.blogspot.com xx

  4. These pictures are just filling me with jealous vibes, it looks gorgeous xx