Sunday, June 15

Venice Day 1 / Canale di San Marco

This week, I went to Venice.

As I sit typing, my family are watching Rio on TV. England vs Italy are playing in the world cup in an hour and they’re getting in a Brazilian (crikey) state of mind. What better time to write about my trip to the gondola capital of the world than right now?

We arrived on the other side of a flight and a bus to a beautiful, beaming Venetian day.

It only took an hour or so of wandering through the notoriously winding city streets before we found our hotel, the Locanda Casa Petrarca, nestled away near the Piazza San Marco.

Overlooking a picturesque canal and rather showbiz restaurant on one side and a cobbled street on the other, the building was small but perfectly formed. 

After getting settled and having a quick snooze to shake off the heat, we headed out in search of something to eat. 

After a short stroll, we settled on Cico's bar in the Piazza San Polo. After being told horror stories about supremely overpriced dinners in Venice, we figured that the prices here weren't too bad.. Plus it had an ice cream trolley in plain view across the square (we're all about killing two birds with one stone).

After this, we headed towards the hub of all things touristy-- the Piazza San Marco. Figuring we would give the square our full attention another day, we took a long stroll down the canal in lieu of an evening trip inside the cathedral.

As the night drew in, we headed west along the canal before turning home for the evening.


> DAY TWO: Museums and churches :)

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