Tuesday, March 4


I am a terrible food shopper. I only ever go when I'm being forced to survive off the dregs and scraps that have taken residence in my fridge. Today, for instance, I had only eaten a piece of bread (stolen, and butterless due to pervading guilt that as I had thieved the bread I shouldn't be allowed to enjoy it) when I made the trip to my local Tesco.

However, I was determined that this time I wouldn't be beaten by my impulses and made a categoric list of food to put me through the next few days. I'm often milling about various houses, and so it's hard to get food in for a full week as I may quickly depart and leave a shelf full of food rotting in my absence, so efficiency and concision was key.

I bought a ton of produce (an onion, cherry tomatos, carrots, apples, bananas, spinach and basil), a small amount of dairy/meat poultry (natural yoghurt, turkey, eggs) and some bread and hummus.

With a few other ingredients I have already, I can make:
BREAKFAST: Egg on toast, omelette with spinach and tomato, yoghurt & Fruit (with granola), banana on toast (with peanut butter).
LUNCH: A week of turkey salad sandwiches
DINNER: One pot pasta (à la The Londoner) (with pasta from my cupboard)
SNACKS: Yoghurt, fruit, carrots and hummus (+pitta from my cupboard)

And it all only cost £11. Not bad for four breakfasts, a week of lunch, dinner and snacks to boot!

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