Sunday, March 17

Rainy Sunday Haul ♡

This morning, it was overcast outside, cold inside, and I had accidentally set an alarm that woke me up at 7am. On a sunday. Needless to say, I was not feeling ideal and was about ready to write the whole day off before it had begun. After moping around for a few hours I decided to pull myself together and make something out of the day. As usual, when I find myself in times of trouble Rebecca Bloomwood comes to me speaking words of wisdom--

and by golly, she was so right.
The first place I went was Fenwicks, on the hunt for a Clinique Chubby Stick but they were completely sold out. Apparently they sold 90% quicker than Clinique had anticipated when they first came out, causing a nationwide shortage. Who knew! The colour I wanted was 'Fuller Fudge', and I eventually found it in Debenhams, but there wasn't many left so if you're after it-- be quick!

I also picked up a Topshop nail polish in the colour 'Nice N'Neutral' after seeing it in one of Vivianna's videos. I was after a pretty, opaque nude colour that didn't take a thousand coats and it does the job nicely.

Next, I visited Lush as I had been jonesing for a bit of pampering. I really wanted a nice body scrub that was a little bit different from your bog-standard scrub-in-a-tub you can buy from Boots, and the sales assistant was so lovely and gave me a little demo of their best selling scrubs. I ending up purchasing Aqua Mirabilis, which is a block scrub infused with tons of good stuff. She kindly gave me a sample of Rub Rub Rub too, and as was torn about buying it. Also, she told me that it could be mixed with other stuff to make a super unique special scrub customised to me. Woohoo! To do this, I was also given a sample of It's Raining Men, which I nearly bought but as I've had it before it wasn't a priority.

Next, I popped into Paperchase because I wanted a nice notepad. I've had jotters from poundland for the last two years and put up with them falling apart, but lately I've had a lot of serious grown-up things to write that have gone missing due to dodgy binding. No more! I loved the pretty blue colour of this journal and I grabbed some pens too as they were on offer.

Next, I stopped off in a little bric-a-brac shop as it was having a closing down sale. I decided to pick up a Brian Lichtenberg knockoff after seeing it on the likes of Miley and Rihanna, as I figured it would be a comfy thing to throw on for when I'm in the library writing essays (my entire schedule for next week, sadly). I also picked up some wannabe-Converse as I have authentic converse in Black and have wanted the white ones for a while but felt a bit cheeky buying them as I've never worn my black ones.
Miley Cyrus & Rihanna in their Brian Lichtenberg sweaters.

After that, I figured I had spent enough money on things I didn't really need and decided to go home, where I spent the rest of the afternoon hanging out and bracing myself for the oncoming storm of what is sure to be an incredibly hectic last week of term for me. Two essays left until I'm done! Ugh. Wish me luck.


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  1. That topshop polish is a lovely shade and I really want to try some lush products

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