Saturday, May 9

Tie Dye for Dummies

If you've been following along on my Instagram, you'll have seen that I recently spent the day having a marathon tie-dye sesh in order to fend off the quarantine boredom (and whip up some sweet garms). I did a good amount of googling and tried to channel my Year 7 Textiles memories before starting so I thought I'd do a round-up of some useful tips and tricks.

Thursday, April 30

Go-To Baking Recipes For When You've Lost Your Mind But Found Some Flour

Like nearly everyone, being kept in quarantine for an indefinite amount of time has ignited a weird baking fire in me. If you've been experiencing a flour shortage in your area, I'm sorry, but that might be my fault. So far I've made two types of bread, two types of cookies, lemon drizzle, banana bread, oreo brownies, cornish pasties, pies and pizza. Here are some of the recipes that made the cut.

Friday, April 10

Podcasts and Playlists: For When Anything Is Better Than Having To Listen To Your Neighbours

One of my good friends said to me recently that the thing she's finding really hard about being at home is the lack of social contact time. Obviously, we can all Zoom and Houseparty (although hello, who were they three weeks ago - also, are they verbs yet?), but with work obligations or whatever else in the way, it's not realistic to Skype from dusk until dawn.

I work from home for half the week anyway, so pottering away chained to my couch in solitary confinement is something that I'm used to by now - but even so it still comes with its pitfalls. One thing I've found helpful is a bit of background buzz; to help keep track of the time and also to stop from getting distracted by local disputes/dog-walker chit-chat/the endless ticking of the clock (note to self: get a digital clock).