Friday, November 28


I don't know about you guys but I basically only like one season. Summer is too hot, winter is too cold, and spring is always too unpredictable to enjoy. I like Autumn, and practically go into mourning the second it's over.

Now technically the first day of winter isn't until the 21st of December, but let's be real. It's cold now. It's so foggy I feel like I'm trapped in a Sherlock Holmes novella and none of my coats are warm enough. It's basically winter and I already want out!

Fortunately, a little while back I had the sense to grab a few leaves to preserve for when winter just gets a bit too much and I need a reminder that there is life outside of the december-february months. Unfortunately, it does make me feel a bit like I'm in Dear John or other such sad romcoms where the star looks moonily at melancholy photos from the past.

Come home Autumn! I miss you!

Maybe that was actually The Notebook?

Until next time,



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