Wednesday, September 28

Midweek Mallard

Hi all! Happy Wednesday, I hope you've had a good week so far. I know mine has been busy and all over the place but that can't be helped! This week I was really inspired to draw another Autumnal animal for Midweek Mammal. Whenever I think of Autumn I remember walking in the woods when I was little with my Nan and Grandad's old Spaniel, Sammy-Dog, in the Sussex countryside. Crisp Autumn leaves, conkers aplenty, and a diversion home past the duck pond to find the best acorns.  That old English ambience is epitomised to me by the humble Mallard, who would diligently take my scraps of baguette every time.

Monday, September 26

8 Places to visit in Barcelona!

Hello everyone! Today is my final Barcelona post and I wanted to give you a round up of interesting things to do if you're visiting the city and need an idea or two. I've listed some places to eat, things to do and things to see, so read on to hear my picks!

Sunday, September 25

Top Tips for a Happy Life #34

Hello everyone, I hope you're well! As well as being the week when Vogue heralded the death of love  re: Brangelina, it was also the death (slight dramatisation) of summer! With the Autumn Equinox now come and gone Summer has been bid adieu, despite the perfectly sunny weather today. I for one can't cope with summer and so I'm more than glad it's passed, and so this week brings tidings from F. Scott Fitzgerald to help us bring in the new season with cheer.