Saturday, February 17

One Month with Brandy

Happy Saturday all, I hope this week has been a good'un. Alongside Valentine's Day and the attributed gumpf, we also marked another somewhat sentimental occasion this week-- one whole month since Sam and I collected our little demon child/puppy, Brandy. I thought with all good intentions it might good to fill you guys in-- for better or worse!

Tuesday, February 6

The Princess Diarist (Review)

Hi all! So far, so on-time: I have my first book recommendation of the year! That being said, truth must be told-- I haven't read this one. I've been listening to the audiobook on the way to work and it's been the absolute perfect remedy for January Blues.

Sunday, January 21

Twelve Books for Twelve Months

Hi all! I hope January has been treating you well so far. Considering it's supposed to be the most quiet month of the year it's been exceedingly crazy for me so far. In no small part thanks to a recent addition to my life-- a puppy! We picked her up a week ago and it's been a whirlwind so far.

Having a little one who needs me has meant I've been lining up things to do that keep me occupied at home (particularly for the next few weeks when she can't go outside). I'm already midway through season three of Peaky Blinders after only starting watching two days ago, but I wanted to line up some reading for when that runs its course. Fortunately, I'm coming into 2018 with a reading list as long as my arm so I'm off to a good start!